Implant Dentistry

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Implant Dentistry

Implant dentistry involves replacing permanent teeth lost to extractions, trauma, or severe decay. At Prestige 5th Avenue Dental, in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Midtown Manhattan, general dentist Yelena Simkha, DDS, offers complete implant dentistry, including dental implant placement, dental bone grafts, and sinus lifts. Call the New York City office today to schedule an implant dentistry consultation, or book your appointment online.

Implant Dentistry Q & A

What is implant dentistry?

Implant dentistry is an oral health subspecialty that involves replacing your natural tooth roots with dental implants –– small titanium posts.

Dr. Simkha inserts the implants into your empty tooth sockets, and they fuse with your jaw or alveolar (the bone anchoring your upper teeth). Your bone grows around the implants to provide a base for restorations, like crowns, bridges, or implant-supported dentures.

What services does implant dentistry include?

At Prestige 5th Avenue Dental, Dr. Simkha offers several implant dentistry services, including:

Dental implant placement

During dental implant placement, Dr. Simkha inserts dental implants into the sockets where your teeth used to be. The number of implants depends on how many teeth are missing and the type of implant restoration you want. 

Dental bone grafts

After you lose a permanent tooth, the supporting bone begins to wear away. A dental bone graft adds new tissue to the areas where the bone was lost.

With a bone graft procedure, Dr. Simkha inserts a piece of natural or synthetic bone material (graft) into your upper or lower jaw. The graft triggers the growth of new, healthy bone tissue.

Dental sinus lifts

Dr. Simkha recommends a dental sinus lift if you’re missing some or all of your upper molars (the teeth at the back and top of your mouth). 

A sinus lift is like a bone graft in that it triggers the growth of new bone tissue. But Dr. Simkha places the graft in your alveolar bone at the top of your mouth. 

Who qualifies for implant dentistry?

If you’re missing permanent teeth, you might qualify for implant dentistry.

During your initial consultation, let Dr. Simkha know if you have any underlying health problems, like heart disease or diabetes. These conditions won’t necessarily prevent you from getting dental implants, but they increase your risk of post-surgery complications, like infection. 

Is implant dentistry safe?

Implant dentistry is safe and usually well-tolerated. Like any surgery, there are potential risks, including:

  • Infection
  • Injury or damage to the surrounding teeth or blood vessels
  • Sinus problems
  • Nerve damage

If you experience pain, swelling, or signs of infection post-implant surgery, contact Prestige 5th Avenue Dental immediately.

Call Prestige 5th Avenue Dental today to schedule an implant dentistry consultation, or book your appointment online.