What Alignment Issues Can Invisalign® Correct?

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What Alignment Issues Can Invisalign® Correct?

If your teeth are wonky, misshapen, and just don’t fit together well, you’re not alone. About 90% of us have at least minor malocclusion — the technical term for misaligned teeth. 

You can go the braces route, but if you’re like most teens and adults today, you’re interested in the innovative alternative — Invisalign®.

The question is: Will it work for you?

We’re glad you asked. Dr. Yelena Simkha and our Prestige 5th Avenue Dental team love to tell our patients about all the conditions Invisalign can fix, and we invite you to schedule an appointment to learn firsthand how these amazing clear aligners can correct your smile. Here’s a quick review of how they work and what they can do.

Invisalign 101

Invisalign has revolutionized the world of orthodontics by introducing removable clear trays to straighten teeth. Doing away with metal brackets and wires was a big hit among teens and adults alike, and the invention triggered a slew of other companies to manufacture similar products. 

However, Invisalign still stands as the leading brand because it produces excellent results quickly. 

Invisalign applies gentle but constant pressure on your teeth until they move into a better position. However, instead of metal hardware, the system uses plastic trays that conform to the unique contours of your teeth and grab them with a special material called SmarTrack®. Dr. Simkha uses our state-of-the-art digital 3D X-ray technology and the patented iTero Element® intraoral scanner to ensure your trays fit your teeth perfectly.

Once they come in, we give you all the trays necessary for your entire treatment. You swap out the old trays every two weeks and snap in a new set. Each new tray brings your teeth closer and closer to your goal.

During your treatment, you enjoy discreet teeth straightening with no embarrassing hardware. You can also remove them to eat and drink — in fact, it’s required — so nothing is off limits. Orthodontics has never been so easy.

But will they work for you?

Will Invisalign fix your particular flaws?

Invisalign works for almost everyone looking to straighten their teeth or fix a bad bite. Whether you’re in the market for a discreet treatment or want an option that doesn’t restrict your food choices, Invisalign could be right for you.

There’s almost nothing Invisalign can’t do; here’s a list of its superpowers.

Crooked teeth

Crooked teeth are Invisalign’s specialty. If your chompers come in wonky with some leaning inward, some leaning outward, and others that twist to one side or the other, Invisalign can help.

Crowded teeth

If your jaw is too small to accommodate all your teeth, they have no choice but to cram into line, pushing one another out of alignment. Invisalign forces your teeth back into their proper positions so they’re evenly distributed and straight.

Overlapping teeth

Sometimes, overcrowding causes teeth to overlap, and sometimes teeth overlap even when there’s plenty of room on either side. If genetics gave you a few teeth that seem too close for comfort, Invisalign can easily coax them back into place.


Some people love the gap between their two front teeth, and that’s fine. Others (maybe you) would prefer their teeth to form a uniform line. Gaps and spaces occur between other teeth, too. Invisalign is great at pulling all your teeth into cohesive rows.

Misaligned jaw

Depending on how your jaw develops, you could end up with an overbite or underbite, causing your upper and lower teeth to fit together incorrectly. In addition to causing jaw pain, these malocclusions can change your facial features and profile and lead to speech problems, uneven wear patterns, and problems opening and closing your mouth. Fortunately, Invisalign can correct these issues.

Call Prestige 5th Avenue Dental in Murray Hill, New York, New York, to schedule an appointment or book online and find out if Invisalign can fix your dental flaws.